About Me

My name is Brian Fraser. I've been developing software on the Microsoft Platform since 2001. Prior to that I was writing applications primarily with C/C++ on unix platforms.

After graduating college I worked for a number of employers ranging from a supermarket chain to a large defense contractor. I have a strong sense of curiosity and desire to learn. I began my consulting career in 2008 building custom SharePoint solutions in SharePoint 2007. That naturally led to later versions of SharePoint up to and including SharePoint 2016.

My technology focus typically is driven based on the capabilities of the technology and how I can use it to provide solutions to my clients. This eventually led me to O365 and Azure which is where I've spent most of my time for the past 4 years. The combined capabilities of Azure and O365 are simply unmatched in any other environment.

My Current list of top technology Interests are in the following areas

  • .NET Core
  • NodeJS
  • TypeScript
  • Angular 2+, ReactJS, and Vue
  • Mobile Development with Xamarin
  • Progressive Web Apps
  • NOSQL Databases - Primarily Azure CosmosDB
  • Scalability and fault tolerance
  • OAuth and OpenID
  • Web performance optimization
  • Analytics and machine learning
  • Docker and Kubernetes